Boxed Lunches

-Breakfast boxed lunch
-selections of bacon, egg and cheese/sausage, egg and cheese/ ham, egg and cheese on a biscuit or croissant with sides of hash-browns and juices

-Premium Boxed Lunch
-Sandwich, chips, cookies and a soda

-Corporate Boxed lunch
-Sandwich, chips, salad, cookies, and a soda

-Signature Boxed Lunches
-sandwich, tossed salad, chips, pasta salad, brownie and a soda

-Boxed Lunches for athletic teams
-Sub, salad, chips, fruit, and cookies

-Snack Boxes for Athletic Teams
-Kind Protein Bar, Granola Bar, Fruit cup, premium white sharp cheddar cheese, Bottled water

all boxed lunches include all condiments and call Deven 443-867-0943 for all prices and discounts.